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I believe your birth experience matters *almost* as much as the outcome. You deserve to feel safe & lovingly supported when you give birth! 

I provide Christian Doula Support & Birth Photography for women who want to birth naturally & have their experiences documented with artistic & modest images. 

I live/work in Hendersonville, NC & will travel to Landrum, Greer, Travelers Rest, & some areas of Greenville, SC for home birth clients.

You should know my fundamental beliefs about birth are rooted in scripture. I believe God made women with the unique ability to grow and birth their babies instinctively & intuitively, as we have since the beginning of creation!

Our culture's portrayal of birth based in fear and dread has robbed so many women of the intimacy & beauty of the physiological birth experience. We don't want that to be your story!

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Your Birth Friend

My primary goal as a doula is to help you recover your individual power, courage & purpose in birthing your baby on your terms! I also focus on empowering your husband to support you through pregnancy, labor & the newborn stage in ways that honor his important role your covenantal relationship.


A doula provides emotional, physical, & mental support for the expecting mom and dad with our knowledge of physiological (unmedicated) birth. We offer hands-on help leading up to and during birth: from physical pain management options & changing labor positions, to grounding techniques and protecting your labor & birth experience by advocating for you to your provider (especially in hospital births).

Exactly What is a Doula?

This answer will be different for everyone. The main thing to know is that Midwives and Doulas have different roles during birth. A Midwife is, first and foremost, a medical provider and will be responsible for and focused on the medical safety of mom & baby.

A Midwife specializes in the medical care of (usually low-risk) clients pursuing physiological birth. Many use the analogy of being lifeguards on a beach - they're there in case they're needed.

An OB specializes in high-risk, emergent birth situations, including surgery.Many OBs have little experience with unmedicated physiological birth.

I have a midwife, do I need a Doula, too?

I do!
Some moms choose to hire me as Birth Photographer only. In that case, I work like a fly on the wall, as unobtrusively as possible. You may not realize when I enter the room - some mom's won't even remember me being there until after baby is born!  

When you purchase my Doula + Photography package, I'll focus primarily on making sure you (& dad) are calm, comfortable, & connected - to your body, your baby, & to each other - and I'll step back to photograph as your birth story as it unfolds.

You'll still get the same size and quality gallery of birth images as my Photography-only clients. 

you provide doula support & photography at the same time?

Upstate Bereavement
support groups

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Resources

Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Greenville Chapter:
To join their private facebook group & register to attend, 

Rachel’s Gift
Virtual Meetings via zoom

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Upstate Funeral Homes

Fletcher Funeral Home
1218 N Main Street.
Fountain Inn | 864-967-2424

Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes
Downtown: 639 N Main Street. Greenville | 864-232-6733

I'm so sorry you find yourself or someone you love in need of these resources.

As a certified Bereavement Doula, I offer my birth services, including photography, at a steeply discounted rate for births with an anticipated fatal outcome. 

For more information on what these services would entail, as well as a wealth of other loss resources, please visit:


Baby Registry Payments

A mom you know & love has my services on her baby registry.Yay for her!

Please include Mom's full name in the comment section of your payment. 

If you pay as goods/service, Mom will receive the amount you send, minus a 3% fee.If payment is sent as to a friend, she'll be credited the full amount you send. 

I'll let her know about your gift as soon as I see your payment!

Legacy Fund Payments


For many parents, the day they meet their baby will be the last day they get to see & hold him or her.

As a Certified Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula, I am trained to offer emotional and physical support prior to, during and after the birth of miscarriages and pregnancies with anticipated fatal fetal outcomes.

Your financial gift allows me to support families experiencing pregnancy loss at little to no cost for them. 

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