Seven years ago I walked into Thanksgiving with no thanks to give. At least, not in my conscious thoughts. Separated from our family by nearly 1k miles, we showed up to our Friends-Giving dinner without any food to offer and certainly no warmth or cheer to share. I was 13-weeks pregnant & still struggling daily […]

Pregnancy & Labor can get real spooky real quick in the United States. This blog unpacks a few of the societal norms that I wish were anything but. It’s my slightly humerus (and maybe a little snarky) recap of some of the captions I posted on instagram here. Let’s start off with an easy one. […]

98% of women in the US give birth in hospitals. Just because you birth in a hospital doesn’t mean you have to have a medicated birth, or one that ends in a c-section. This one’s for the mamas who want to birth in a hospital & avoid the OR.  You can (and should) implement these […]

So, you’re curious about midwives, yay! This blog will help you feel equipped & confident to choose a midwife that’s the best fit for you & your upcoming birth. One thing I love about taking the leap from traditional OB care to care with a Midwife is the process of choosing – actually getting to […]

Everything was going wrong & I wanted to call this session off before we even got started. I made a big, expensive mistake – I was mad, sad & embarrassed. I wanted to crawl into my bed and have a good cry. I thought seriously about calling Lauren and telling her I couldn’t shoot so […]

Friends, I feel like I need to begin this blog post by recognizing and acknowledging that my family’s decisions are intimately individual to us. Yes, there are tens of thousands of home births in the US every year, but every one of those families is unique, as is their reasoning behind the decisions they make. […]

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